Sunday, December 27, 2009

Tiger Woods Golf Shoes Do You Think This Is The Best Way For The Tiger Woods Mess To Play Out?

Do you think this is the best way for the Tiger Woods mess to play out? - tiger woods golf shoes

When I heard this story, I was fascinated, then surprised, but then very angry. But now I feel very sad for all involved, including Tiger, because he is an outsider, probably for life. But what in the world, Elin and children and the rest of the family should spend? I can not imagine the pain, humiliation and confusion. I think: should 1) Every man for sexually transmitted diseases get tested so they should probably not use condoms fiction, 2) silent all these women understand that everything I did was the result of their own "sins "with a man who knew he was married and had children, 3) Elin should, to their new home in Sweden, move your bow and let the power of his mother used as a governor, to keep away the paparazzi, 2) said Tiger not a word, and not exactly a press conference. And he should just stay at home for the next few years, perhaps a comeback attempt in the Gulf, and base its next decision on whether people throw Rotten Tomatoes (golf cleats) shoes in it.

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  1. Jesus or Oprah ..... or to help both must Tigers