Friday, November 20, 2009

Cover Letter Samples For Dental Hygienist Applying For A Job That Doesn't Have An Ad Posted - Cover Letter?

Applying for a job that doesn't have an ad posted - cover letter? - cover letter samples for dental hygienist

I would like my CV to spend a few dental offices in the city. I do not know if anyone is hiring, but I thought it would be nice if they file. The dental community tends to be very close, so someone might be able to indicate the direction in which to rent a hall.

Should I include a covering letter? I can find many examples of letters to people who respond to the ads, but can not find an example of one who ... I do not know how, but only hire when they are too.

Can anyone help me to fit a standard letter for this? I do not know how to write the introductory paragraph. Or not, if only boring, and only in my resume to?

More ... Was likely that as a separate issue, but also for offices that the ads do - if yours is the name of the dentist in the ad and contact information is only available, fax number ... I google the fax number to find the name of the office, you can write to the dentist? Or is it better to say: "Dear Rental Manager?

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