Wednesday, November 25, 2009

National Healthcare University I'm From The USA And I Want To Go To Glasgow University, But My Parents Don't Want Me To Leave And Won't Help!?

I'm from the USA and I want to go to Glasgow University, but my parents don't want me to leave and won't help!? - national healthcare university

My parents love me, want the best for me, but let me go to school, I want, I do not want to go. then ... What does not help me understand the logistics to go to school in another country. this is absolutely me and I tried to find the Internet, what is the best way to do this. I can not find anything really useful start for me. I contacted the university, but running about now, you have to talk to this person, then send me to another person, etc. ..

My Questions:
- How do I get the funding to pay tuition fees?
I was able to get loans, but they are only good in the U.S., and I will not help abroad. I can not live long enough, and I'm here to pay rent and school and go to class. (I study nursing long ...)

Would be better if I just applied for dual citizenship, both in the United States and the United Kingdom?
I think it would help to find a job, a place to live and receive my student visa, BUI'm not sure ...

Does anyone know someone who can help me to iron it all? Places where you can reference? poeple i can talk too?
As I have said before, my parents do not want to help. I do not think that is realistic. I want to study health care in the United Kingdom, because I am with the way their health system is structured so agree to them. National Health Plan, where people get all the help they need, rather than rejected, because he has a health insurance too expensive or you do not get support they need is missing, because their insurance does not cover, such as the United States. UU ..

Need help?

Thank you!

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