Thursday, November 26, 2009

Salon Letter Template I Sent This Letter To The Salon That Ruined My Hair?

I sent this letter to the salon that ruined my hair? - salon letter template

What do you think?

Estimates Rapunzel

I understand that can you give me a refund, not a letter asking for one. I want to know only make the long-term damage to my hair.

He never said I wanted two tone colors. When my stylist and I talked about color, told me that the image she has presented a color, and I was happy. A solid color was what I had expected.

Several times during the process of my hairdresser said she did not keep me as a joke, and that the customer was that mattered. Well, if that is true, then why did she go with a color, the number 1 was not what she called number 2: Two-tone seemed remarkable, I find it amusing, and the number 3: Do seems even the color of the image in my head everywhere. It was orange! As a professional stylist should know that there are two red Hair: ISH, the most natural, red-orange and red, I asked him to be the most effective m REDROLES brown, Some call INTENSE Auburn. I do not even know to ask the natural color of orange. No, I do not think orange "Beautiful" in general. And you?

Last but not least: What you do not easily resolved. As the head of bleached hair and the bottom is, no matter what color my hair at the top color is always intense! I am against the decision to cut the hair or leave very, very soon to this terrible color or black color to the color that you started with $ 124 previously. Rapunzel thank you, thank you.

Best regards,

PS I do not think that will have to fire you because I have not known to Toccoa as a young girl with orange hair on the wall of Rapunzel.

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