Sunday, January 17, 2010

How To Transfer Music From Ipod To Shareaza I Need Help Getting My Music From My Ipod Back Into My Library?!?

I need help getting my music from my ipod back into my library?!? - how to transfer music from ipod to shareaza

Recently, I had to delete everything on my computer, because there is so much spyware on it. I thought if I had my music on my iPod I was able to reinstall iTunes and do everything in my library, but if I had hooked into a small box that I eaither have to synchronize and transfer songs to my library (do nothing, because I) on my iPod or put the songs on my iPod to my library. I chose the second, and said I could only be purchased songs on iTunes, only 20 songs, I download all my music from other Shareaza. Who knows, set like all my music in my library again, if you buy it on iTunes, or not?


  1. This software allows you to manage your iPod to move files from iPod to iTunes to transfer iPod to your computer and other iPod: ...

  2. It depends on what media the program