Saturday, January 16, 2010

Install Shower Soap Dish How To Install A Ceramic Soap Dish In The Shower/bath Tub Area?

How to install a ceramic soap dish in the shower/bath tub area? - install shower soap dish

OK, I made new tiles in the bathroom and I want to install a ceramic soap dish in the corner. HOME DEPOT person told me that I can use a silicone adhesive (GE PL 700). The problem is now the corner is not perfect 90 degree angle .. about 100 ..
- How do I install the soap dish for this?
- Is silicone adhesive strong enough to hold the plate and take a long time?


  1. If you have a clean and should come with the sticky things to be a wall of the shower and just into the wall, and it is a book that tells you hoe good move action.

  2. Some people use a small piece of artificial marble similar to that for images that you may be cut at any angle. They do not know about things like strength of silicon integration. Do not know what the normal soap, as you can in ten degrees up call to the May workshop plate with a solution.