Thursday, February 4, 2010

First Time Auditions I Need Tips Or Advice On Poppin,breakin/gliding And Dance Auditions Or Taking A Dance Class For The First Time?

I need tips or advice on poppin,breakin/gliding and dance auditions or taking a dance class for the first time? - first time auditions

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  1. i will be all that you want<3February 4, 2010 at 12:24 PM

    To see music videos, including single-seen moves, etc., to some hip-hop "wow factor. As Americas Best Dance Crew Watch clips on YouTube.

    to relax for a hearing and yourself and dance your heart.
    for very serously because the judge what you say, the other dancers, to create an environment normally hear.
    Sweat with a simple black tank top and loose.
    dance shoes in hip-hop to a professional investment

    a dance at the same first
    and please ask your teacher.
    Ore also observed expiereienced dancers in the class, during a routine at the same time, or practicing the technique to land
    It may seem strange, and do wrong, but believe me, and it helps not likely to achieve.

    I remember me dance hip-hop should slow down a lot of emotion and energy Evey step, and not posed. not always complete and attitude. Act like your on stage every time they practice, so that when you are at the stage of knowing exactly howAttitude towards it.