Saturday, February 20, 2010

How To Put Cube In Ms Word 2007 Help Imediate Girl Trouble! Must Be Resolved By 8:00 Tommorow Morning!!!?

Help imediate girl trouble! must be resolved by 8:00 tommorow morning!!!? - how to put cube in ms word 2007

Well tomorrow is the last day at school ... And this ... Pretty Good Girl "I think looking, I like action is very strange ... I do not like it, until today, and I saw how he acted immediately ... Sometimes it will look like .... UUGGHH its sooo annoying! or God, You Can not Leave me alone! And others are not, as now, is Mrs. (teacher's name here) yet? And I said, "Ya" and how it is: "Come, help me carry my things and I'm like" well ... Then she told me to eat a Rubix cube and a bottle of water ... and shes like, "Well, you can my *****..." threw him a look and go "haha joke" came to the orchestra room, and it's like "thaaaaannnnkkk yoooouuuuuu! =D "She kisses me and puts his head against mine. And then she said:" Well, I'm leaving ... go go go ... "

Did she like me ??... In other words, it's nice sometimes, and that a little more meaning. And do not believe us friends ...
Here, too, tomorrow is the last day of school. And I have a class with

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  1. Not in the hall and ask for her number. So you have time to think about where you go with this. What's the worst that could happen?