Sunday, February 14, 2010

Sound Blaster Sb0480 Buy Sound Blaster Audigy SE And A Microphone?

Sound Blaster Audigy SE and a microphone? - sound blaster sb0480 buy

He bought a new headphone and microphone does not work with my Sound Blaster Audigy SE. It does, however, with my board. I had disabled my onboard sound when the microphone of my Sound Blaster. Any solution?

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  1. In cases where the microphone does not record or is not recognized by the sound card, you have to install a sound card again with the CD and select Repair perform to ensure that the installation is complete and correct. You can also sound card is selected as the default device for recording:

    Select "Control Panel, click Sounds and Audio Devices
    Select the tab "Audio" and make sure that the Sound Blaster has been selected as the default device for audio playback and audio recording
    Starting a burning application like Creative MediaSource, the recording test session again