Friday, February 5, 2010

Pikachu Makeup Lips Do You Think Chav Hairstyle And Makeup Looks Sexy?

Do you think Chav hairstyle and makeup looks sexy? - pikachu makeup lips

The hair, he pulled as hard and gelled an instant facelift. I have girls on lipgloss twirly bits are set times brilliant.
A lot of makeup, makeup so thick, dry! Obliquely backwards mascara'd eyes with thick eyeliner and very pandaracoon false eyelashes.Eyebrows pulled into the shadows, even moreblue and white. Pikachu Blush enough to embarrass. Satin Lipstick thick lips, and then forgotten. WOW!


  1. Gorgeous ... Just gorgeous ...

  2. heavy

  3. I think that some make-up is good, but with make-up covered only looks fake, and I do not think guys like that!